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Home for Thanksgiving

table centerpiece with leaves and a candle with 'give thanks' written in cursive

“Home for the holidays” has a new meaning this year. Your 2020 Thanksgiving crowd may look smaller with only your loved ones closest to you (literally), but we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas so you can still host a festive affair.

Holidays are an excuse to break out the art supplies, roll up your sleeves and have fun with it. Putting seasonal decorations and Thanksgiving-inspired crafts on display is the perfect way for you and your household to get into the Turkey Day spirit.

Since traveling far and wide to see extended family may be out of the question for most, why not get a head start on the festive fun? Take the time to put together care packages for those family members you typically spend Thanksgiving with. It’s a safer way to let them know how grateful you are for them. Plus, you can include your newest pumpkin culinary creation or one of your crafts that came out the best—anything that will make your family members feel connected to you.

You can still make memories with your loved ones, even the ones who won’t be in the same house this Thanksgiving. You may not be able to break out a board game while awaiting the big feast, but you can certainly join in on a virtual game that anyone can play. Set up a big family game of Bingo with prizes that no one could refuse. Keep the kids busy with printable Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages. Or try out this Gratitude Game that’ll also please your taste buds.

A great time to get the entire family online for a video call is with a belly full of turkey. Nothing pairs better with a Thanksgiving feast than familiar laughs, smiles and pumpkin pie. And after you’ve shared your stories and memories, we’ve got the perfect list of movies to choose from to complete your day of thanks.

Click here to check out some more ways to celebrate the holiday at home, and have yourself a festive occasion fit to savor. Happy Thanksgiving from our Ellis family to yours!